What my clients say!

" I have so much positive to say but I will keep it short and sweet. I have known Alyssa for 20 years, over those years I have watched her grow from working out to making it in to a career. I always knew she would be widely successful in her career because she has so much drive, passion and knowledge. Alyssa is amazing. She has become a household name for us - training myself and my kids! She truly cares about every client she has and will continually push me out of my comfort level to make me stronger and fitter- both physically and mentally. For me, it is about being strong not skinny. About showing my girls fitness is a way of life, not a fad. I am truly grateful for Alyssa and am so thankful that she has helped through this past crazy covid year! I am especially grateful for her friendship. "
Dena Gavin
"In the four months since I've joined Alyssa's morning workouts on zoom, she has been instrumental in getting me back in shape and on a path to a much healthier lifestyle. Her classes are always different, challenging, creative and fun. I never thought that I would be able to exercise like this on my own at home, but she makes you feel like you are all in the same place together. She always offers modifications for all exercises to accommodate people who are just starting out, those who may have injuries and those who are much more experienced. Also if you cannot make a class you can get the taped version to do at your convenience which is wonderful for me as my schedule is often unpredictable. Alyssa brings so much joy and positive energy to the class, she motivates you and challenges you to do things you didn't think possible...walk-outs, push ups, burpees, bear crawls, spider jumps and so much more! I have a long way to go, but I have definitely improved--I feel stronger, I have more energy and my clothes are fitting better--so all to say she is fantastic and I would highly recommend Alyssa as a trainer for all ages and fitness levels! You will sweat and she will tire you out, but you will never be disappointed! "
Shelly T.
"Four years ago when I started working out with Alyssa I had no idea what it was preparing me for. Right from the start I felt myself getting stronger and more toned. I was dedicated and loving the routine and variety of each new workout. 2 years in I was in the best shape of my life. Then I ended up with a herniated disc I was in so much pain. Determined and passionate about how good I was feeling I was not going to give up on what truly made me physically and mentally feel so good. Alyssa never stopped encouraging and modifying all her workouts so I could regain my strength and mobility. Without my workouts I am sure today I would not be feeling as strong as I did before my injury. Working out virtually has been something I continue to look forward to several times a week. I am so grateful for Alyssa’s knowledge, encouragement and passion . She truly cares about your well being and supporting you to be a strong healthy you both physically and mentally. "
Sandra H.
"I joined Alyssa Cullen Fit & Well over two years ago and haven’t looked back. I needed a change and was looking for strength training that would keep my back healthy and strong. Alyssa’s classes are focused, concise and good for any age group. No matter your limitations or restrictions or age she has modifications that can work for anyone. Her constant encouragement and support helps you to get stronger and make life style changes. Her friendly smile and goofy humour help get you thru some pretty tough workouts. Thank you Alyssa❤️You have kept my back healthy and strong for two years now and I’m not looking back 🙏🏻👍👏"
Maryellen Holmes
"Alyssa is amazing!!! I was in a total pandemic “rut” when I found her and saw she was teaching online classes over zoom - best decision I made was to try one of her classes! I’ve been working out my whole life but was finding it hard to get motivated - Alyssa’s classes are so good, and great for all levels - she offers modifications and advanced moves - the class just flies by and I’m always dripping with sweat!! She is so knowledgeable and always gives good reminders of proper form. Her workouts are always so different that you just never know what you are going to get!! I’m so happy I found her!!! "
"It is with great confidence and wholehearted enthusiasm that I recommend Alyssa as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I have been working out avidly for almost 30 years. However, at 49 years old I feel that I am the strongest and most fit that I have ever been and I attribute that to training with Alyssa at her gym (pre-COVID) then attending Alyssa’s online Zoom workouts three days per week throughout lockdown. Alyssa is very conscientious, knowledgeable, and innovative. It is clear that she puts a lot of time and thought into her classes because they are always well planned, challenging, and FUN, with many modifications and adaptations provided to accommodate people of all fitness levels. Alyssa is extremely well organized and committed to her clients. Most importantly Alyssa is kind and respectful and I always leave her training or classes feeling SO MUCH better than when I started. I highly recommend Alyssa irrespective of fitness level and know that everyone can thrive with her support! "
Saundra V.
"I had been going to Alyssa's workouts for a year or so. As an employee of White Oaks I had a free gym membership but I paid extra to be able to do Alyssa's small group classes, because they were that good! When the pandemic hit Alyssa adjusted and we started to do outdoor classes, but then when that wasn't possible, we switched to zoom classes. At first I started with 3 classes but then went to 5 a week because I was enjoying them so much. While people were gaining the Covid weight, I was able to get into the best shape I had been in years thanks to her classes! Her classes are fun and enjoyable, but she kicks your butt! She is able to hit all the muscle groups. The classes are great for beginners through advanced as you adjust your weights and Alyssa always offers modified moves. I highly recommend Alyssa's classes if you are looking for a killer full body workout!! "
Erin Reid
"Alyssa is an amazing trainer! She has an excellent ability to communicate, her energy is infectious and will make you want to better yourself. Alyssa always offers modifications, while not centering you out in the class - you just know she is saying it for you. She will push you to new limits while being knowledgeable of the body and how it works. The workouts are fresh and new each day/week and makes me want to continue workout without giving up. I love working with her!! "
Tracy Luongo